Let our team help you achieve a beautifully straight smile without the challenge of traditional braces.

the benefits of invisalign®

1. virtually invisible to others

The clear aligners from Invisalign® allow you to straighten your teeth without the obvious appearance of metal braces.

2. eat and drink whatever you want

With Invisalign’s removable aligners, you can eat and drink anything you want. Simply remove the aligners and replace them when you’re finished.

3. no limits on activities

Because the aligners are removable, you may engage in activities that traditional wire braces may restrict.

4. comfortable

With Invisalign®, each aligner is custom designed to fit precisely over the teeth as it puts gentle pressure on the teeth to move them into place. There are no wires and brackets that may cause bleeding and discomfort.

5. easier care

No special brushing needed. Simply remove the aligners, perform your regular oral hygiene tasks, and put the aligners back in place.

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how invisalign® works

Invisalign® uses a series of clear, removable, and comfortable aligners to help your teeth gradually shift into place. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks and is scientifically calibrated for a precision fit as you move through your treatment. In the end, you get to experience beautifully straight teeth without the struggle of wires and brackets.

Photo of a Gilday team member reviewing scans with a patient

your complimentary consultation

During your complimentary consultation, our team will evaluate your specific situation to see how Invisalign® can work for you. We have helped many adults and teens throughout the area achieve beautifully straight smiles with Invisalign®.

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the benefits of a straight smile

confidence and beauty

Studies show that a beautiful smile increases self-esteem, confidence, and overall appearance. Not surprisingly, research also reveals that it may lead to greater professional opportunities and higher income levels.

lifelong oral health

Straightened teeth lead to better lifelong oral health. They are easier to clean and less prone to chipping and decay. Straighter teeth also reduce the likelihood of gingivitis and gum disease.

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